CDRE has awarded one grant for a pilot innovative study in the field of RNA modifications.  

Professor Yu-Ying He, Department of Medicine, University of Chicago, for:

The role of m6A eraser FTO in melanoma“.


JUNE 2017

The course “Bioinformatics for Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis” took place June on 19-20 at University of Chicago.

Objectives: In this short course, we introduced to students the basic statistics and bioinformatics concepts and tools for analysis of NGS data, such as RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data. The course had three objectives.

  • Learn basic computational and statistical machineries such as Generalized Linear Model. 
  • Understand the basic concepts and principles for analyzing DNA-seq, RNA-seq, and ChIP-seq data.
  • Gain hands-on experience with popular software for NGS data analysis.

Instructors: Dr. Yuwen Liu from Department of Human Genetics and Dr. Qili Fei from Department of Chemistry. Both Dr. Liu and Fei have many years of experience in bioinformatics and computational biology.

Course director: Prof. Xin He from Department of Human Genetics.


CDRE has awarded two grants for pilot innovative studies in the field of RNA modifications:

1) Professor Xiaoxi Zhuang, Department of Neurobiology, University of Chicago, for:

Role of m6A in local protein synthesis in dendrites and aberrant synaptic plasticity“.

2) Professor Jingy Fei, Department of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology, University of Chicago, for:

Deep imaging of the epitransciptome: deciphering the next layer of gene regulation“.